Thursday’s Readings vs. Questions of Travel

September 5, 2010

For me, completing the readings for last class was a chore. I just wasn’t pulled in by Bishop’s poetry and, even after class, was left not particularly liking the works we had discussed. I assumed that Bishop wasn’t really my taste. However, this weekend when I was reading her “Questions of Travel” section, I felt like I was enjoying an entirely different poet! I LOVED this collection.

I was trying to think what it could be about these particular poems that set them apart (for me) from the other works we just read by the same author. In my case, I think that it is the more personal voice and quality that a lot of the poems in “Questions of Travel” seem to possess. I love her portraits of people and the descriptions of Brazil and her other destinations. These are just my thoughts.

Did anyone else have such an altered reaction to this weeks reading compared to our first selections by Bishop? Did you notice something in “Questions of Travel” that seemed to be so different?

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