Paul McCartney: BEATle and Poet

December 5, 2010

A poem Paul McCartney wrote for late great British comedian, writer, and actor Spike Milligan, sold for around 6,000 euros at an auction in the United Kingdom in November 2008. Milligan, who was a neighbor of McCartney’s in Rye in East Sussex, was a major influence and friend of McCartney’s throughout the 21st century. McCartney would often dine with Milligan for tea when McCartney was in the area. Milligan was responsible for The Goon Show, a British program, that gave way to Monty Python. Milligan died from liver disease in February 2002. It is reported that McCartney bought a grand piano from Milligan’s house in an estate sale in October 2008. Apparently, McCartney would play the piano every morning. Anyways, the poem McCartney wrote is entitled “The Poet of Dumbswoman Lane,” and came with a rough sketch McCartney drew entitled “‘The Nutters of Starvecrow Lane” of two people giving the thumb’s up. Here is the full poem and your chance to judge whether the poet lives up to the musician.

The Poet of Dumbswoman Lane:
The voice of the poet of Dumbwoman’s Lane
Can be heard across vallies [sic] of sugar-burned cane
And nostrils that sleep through the wildest of nights
Will be twitching to gain aromatic insights
The wife of the farmer of Poppinghole Lane
Can be seen from the cab of the Robertsbridge train
And passengers comments will frequently turn
To the wages the wife of a farmer can earn
The poet of Dumbwoman’s lane sallies forth
He is hoping for no-one to see.”

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