Adrienne Rich

December 5, 2010

     Adrienne Rich has a special place in my heart. In middle school, i hjad to memorize a poem and recite it to so many people to work on public speaking and stuff like that. I just browsed through several poetry books and authors we had briefly mentioned (in no way comprehensive or a study of poetry class at all) and i stumbled across Adrienne Rich. I picked her poem \”Lucifer in the Train,\”  and instantly fell in love with Rich and her style of writing. Not only, is “Lucifer in the Train” a magnificent and lesser known poem of Rich’s, but the dark imagery and the sinister symbolism in its two 12-line stanzas simply moved me. Plus, after having to recite it so much for my school assignment, i memorized it and came to understand it’s true depth and meaning.  This is a poem i have been dying to share to you all in some form or another, but it is a remarkably hard poem to find it online to link to so i ound a link that should work. I hope you all check it out and enjoy one of Rich’s lesser known wonderpieces.

In case th elink only takes you the contents of the google book the poem is on Pg. 105

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