Allen Ginsberg’s insight

December 3, 2010

Hey all, i have a bizarre post to show you here today, but i hope you find it interesting nonetheless. For my poem recital, sounds like i’m performing ballet when i say it like that, i have chosen to go back to my old favorite and staple, Allen Ginsberg. Not only do i love his poetry in general, but i feel that his language and voice of his writing makes reading his works out loud even more dynamic and entrancing. For my interpretative performance earlier in the semester, Everett and i performed Ginsberg’s series “Magic Psalm,” “The Reply,” and “The End” in which Ginsberg is writing under the influence of Ayahuasca about the experiences he is having. As such a prominent figure within the Beat Movement, it is unsuprising to find Ginsberg experimenting with drugs, afterall it was the 50’s, 60’s and 70s. After my performance, i was inspired to look at Ginsberg’s other poems that are addressed to various mind-altering substances. I stumbled upon “Lysergic Acid,” otherwise known as LSD, and fell in love with the out-of-this-world lyrics and images he uses. It made me wonder whether or not Ginsberg had had anything to say about LSD so, naturally, i went to YouTube to see if there were any interviews with Ginsberg on the topic. Instead of an interview with Ginsberg talking about the drug personally, i found an interesting clip of him outlining the history and creation of LSD within America. I am including the interview, although i am bad at figuring out how to get the video to play within the post so, if nothing else, you will have the link to check it out. I will be performing Ginsberg’s “Lysergic Acid” on Tuesday, so check out the video if you’re curious and prepare for a ride through Ginsberg’s subconscious on Tuesday.

Allen Ginsberg in the Sky with Diamonds

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