V.M.I. Poetry Symposium

December 2, 2010

For those of you who idicated an interest in submitting to the VMI Poetry Symposium, or who perhaps did not but have since written a stellar paper or poem that you would like to submit.

The Deadline is  Tomorrow;  December 3.  Here are the details

What to submit: A 250-word abstract of an original critical paper on poetry or a selection of original poems. 

Submission requirements: Completed papers must be of appropriate length for a fifteen-minute oral presentation (2100 words maximum); poems, which must now be submitted in entirety, must be of appropriate length for an eight-minute oral reading by the author (1120 words maximum).  Submissions must be sent no later than Friday, December 3, 2010 by email to Peggy Herring at herringps@vmi.edu.  Submissions must include the name and contact information of a faculty sponsor as well as student’s name and contact information.  Critical papers may examine poetry in general, particular poets, poems, movements, issues, technical features, etc. There will be a special session on Shakespeare.

If you wish to submit multiple poems, the instructions request that they be submitted as a single Email attachment.

If you are needing to do an abstract of a paper, I would reccommend using the auto summarize, this can be found in word under tools.  Select something smaller such as 10% or 100 words auto summarize.  Then cut and paste your intro to the top.  And read through to tweek, since this tool is helpful, but by no means perfect.

I hope lots of my fellow students will submit.  Good Luck and Let’s Represent.

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