November 30, 2010

After getting all Meta for our last paper right before Thanksgiving, i took time over break to reflect on the course and the many things i am thankful for. First of all, i began to fall in love with Allen Ginsberg again as i started studying for the CoPo final exam, i couldn’t resist the embody Ginsberg once more in front of the class. More importantly, i tried to expound on our paper topic and think about the problems in general that affect the way we look at all genres of literature and poetry. But, it’s hard sometimes, stepping aside, and taking a look at yourself because i try to be objective and unbiased about my own shortcomings when it comes to analyzing forms of literature. As i was musing on this idea, i became thankful for being in the English department at UMW and in classes that constantly seek to step outside of the box. For, in the English department, we are creating thinkers and wonderers and minds that wil undoubtedly change the future of literature as we know it. For my paper, i wrote about contemporary poets desire and calling to create art that penetrates the skin and affects readers on a subconscious and personal level. What a daunting task, yet how wonderfully contemporary writers have risen to the challenge. I’ve always looked up to Beat writers who revolutionized literature and through the avante-garde. I long to walk the halls of Black Mountain College and just smell the creative juices filling the air. I imagine i would become creatively enlightened just from being in the presence of such impressive minds of that era.  If only to be able to return to the 60s and 70s and take adavntage of the revolutionary culture that so easily stimulated the expansion of the mind. But, it is our duty to define the literature and thought of our generation, and adress the problems we and other face in order to fix them. Well, time for me to jump in my time machine and go have a word or two with Ginsberg, see ya on the other side!

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