November 30, 2010
  • Class will not meet on Thursday, Dec. 2 since we completed our business today.
  • The blog will “close” for grading purposes at midnight on Sunday, Dec. 5.
  • Recitations will take place during our final exam slot, 8:30-11 on Tuesday, Dec. 7.  You must memorize and recite, with reasonable expression, at least 14 contiguous lines of poetry, from one poem or shorter poems that are juxtaposed in a series.  Poems should come from our primary authors for the semester but may be any poem at all from those volumes.  You need to know the page number so I can follow along/prompt as necessary.
  • I will try to finish the interpretive performance grading in the next few days and will let you know when you can come pick it up.
  • If I do not finish earlier, I will bring your graded mutinous poetry projects to the final.

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