Poetry Daily (poems.com)

November 21, 2010

[Poetry Daily] takes the form of poetry news and both predominant and marginalized advertisements.  Another element of the website is its news section.  Poetry Daily’s criteria of news seems to include the recognition of, or awards won by, any of its featured poems or poets and notifications of recently released work, notes, or biographies/autobiographies.  The website’s news is relevant and either runs parallel or elevates the rest of Poetry Daily’s content.  However, Poetry Daily displays its sponsors just as overtly as its subject matter.  Their choice of sponsor portrays poetry as only relevant to academia or competition.  This portrayal is frustrating to the poetry community.  On the right hand side of the website, Poetry Daily’s sponsors consists of an abundance of advertisements for numerous MFA programs and award contests, while its advertisements for libraries, literary journals, poetry conferences, and publishing companies are slim.  MFA programs and contests make up 70% of Poetry Daily’s twenty sponsors.  Such an enormous amount only supports that poetry is becoming less about the poetry itself and more about the politics of writing it.  But it is not just Poetry Daily’s fault.  The several MFA and award-based advertisements show that those institutions have the most money, albeit overshadowing others.  Regardless, this perspective antagonizes poetry and its predicted path.

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