Language Poetry Prompt

November 7, 2010

While working on the Language Poetry wiki a lot from pervious semesters started to come back to me. In a previous poetry class we had spent nearly half a semester talking about Language Poetry and even had Rae Armantrout come to our school to read and talk to us. My professor at the time gave us prompts to try out and though many of them did seem strange they did their job at making us think outside the box. For one of the prompts she had us bring to class instruction manuals. From these we would grab random words and phrases to help create a poem. Many of my classmates went a step further and left the classroom to copy words from posters, warning signs, and bathroom graffiti.

I think you get the idea. Bringing up this prompt is somewhat inspired by John Cage’s Writing through Howl poem which can be found on the Language wiki page when it is finished on Tuesday. Also on the wiki page is Madonna’s own Language poem under the Repetition section.

In the comments I will post my own Language writing attempt but I think I failed to make a language poem. Most Language poems don’t have a narrative and mine accidently told a story. Making a language poem is interesting though. Once I got in the mindset of it everything had a purpose. My spacing, lack of puncuation, ect.

Please try out the prompt or comment on what you think about the prompt.

EDIT: I took down my poem. The blog wouldnt let me put the spacing in the way I had it and the form is had was a big part of the poem so I took it down. I didnt want it as my example if it wasnt even presented properly.

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