October 6, 2010

Ever since yesterday’s class discussion on Pineda’s poem, “Coma,” I couldn’t help but to come up with my own analysis. Please feel free to shoot me down, I know it is a stretch, but when we were reading it in class and then listened to the audio, I questioned who the actual speaker was.

I believe the speaker is Pineda’s sister herself. Follow me here, the “what if” is significant because she says “What if I told you…” and as we know she can’t tell him anything. The line continues “each time you whispered my name,” which reflects when he whispers to her. His sister goes on to say, “the world on the other side, yours, was the one on fire.” Yes, she is lying in a coma, ┬ábut really it is Pineda’s world that is ending as his sits and watches his sister die entering his own coma of grief.


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