Graphing poetry

September 1, 2010

(By Deborah S.)  The graphic on the board in yesterday’s class was useful because it drove home the point that art is relevant.  I think another, more intricate way, to visualize the concept of Poetry (as an entity in its own right) is through Cubism.  In the Cubist style of art, many sides of the subject are shown at the same time—you experience all its aspects, see all its faces and angles.  You can look at a Cubist work repeatedly and see a new facet every time.  A good example is the painting “Nude Descending a Staircase, No. 2” by Marcel Duchamp.  See how full of movement the painting is, how we seem to see it from many directions.  I believe a poem is like a Cubist painting.  That’s why many poets can write truthfully about one subject, although each one says something completely different and they often contradict one another.

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