Dylan and Ginsberg

August 26, 2010

Hey all,

Saw this article the other day and thought it would be an interesting read for how some of the beat writers like Kerouac and Ginsberg was interacting with other artists in America at the time, namely Bob Dylan. The article has some interesting cursory biographical information concerning Ginsberg’s life and his poems and who could turn down such a great story? I know it’s a little long, but if you have free time I highly recommend it. There’s also a host of other stories concerning the Gins here. Everything from the ridiculous “last soup” to something interesting from the poet’s own mouth.

It was also interesting to discover the title of the article as advertised, “Bob Dylan and the Beats.” Made me wonder if America today cares more for singer poets than for written poets? What do you think–are people bigger fans of someone like Bob Dylan or someone like Allen Ginsberg? I tend to think that simply for his iconic status, Dylan is favored. Perhaps people favor something they can see rather than something they read or can hear? (thinking Kennedy vs. Nixon debate) Thoughts?

Happy reading!

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