What is John Cage Doing????

December 2, 2010

John Cage walking on water errrrr performing \”Water Walk\”

I have been meaning to do a short post about John Cage ever since working on the Black Mountain College multimedia project. The first time i learned about cage was in my freshman seminar with Gardner Campbell called Rock/Soul/Progressive and it was a study of music’s transcontinental journey from the U.K. to America from 1950 to the present. When we studied Cage, we categorized him under the microscope of the progressive genre and focused on the avante-garde movement of the 20th century in general. Overall, i think Cage is a bit of a nutcase, but he nonetheless pushes the envelope of what people generally consider as art and how they perceive it and for that i support Cage’s cause. I just wanted to post a video that gave more a prop to the idea The Black Mountain College, where Cage often taught and composed, had regarding art as a musical and visual performance. Even though it hardly makes any sense to me, i would love to have been able to see some of Cage’s artistic performances and demonstrations like the one in the video. I just can’t help imagining Cage coming out on a Late Night talk show as the entertainment and performing “Water Walk.” It’d be so enetertaining and confusing at the same time. Nonetheless, Cage is a poet in his own artistic right and his influence on the avante-garde in general is monumental.

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